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Unbelievable, “Transformer” showed up in Anet!   

Unbelievable, “Transformer” showed up in Anet!
Unbelievable, “Transformer” showed up in Anet!

Dear all
Breaking news, guys, recently we found a “transformer” in our company, because it’s so overwhelming so we seek for help from you.
It’s innovative with all-steel structure, expanded light panel, safe AC adapter and beneficial adjust rollers under hot bed. What else? Non-heat panel plate is really friendly for children users. It’s solid, but it can also transform into compact and easy to use feature for every day non-knowl...edgeable family. Yesterday, it talked to me, “I CAME TO HELP YOU THROUGH CORONAVIRUS EPIDEMIC, YOU CAN USE ME TO PRINT MASKS OR PROTETIVE FACE SHILED, I WILL CALL FOR MY BROTHERS TO CONQUER YOU.”.
Please help us by telling what characteristics we should put on our 3D printer to defeat this monstrosity, urgent for we only get 15 days before it’s put on market.
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Published Date:5/11/2020 1:06:48 AM    From:Facebook   

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