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Congratulations to Jeremy Webb for winning the #Blackview #Tab9 OS Naming Contest!   

Congratulations to Jeremy Webb for winning the #Blackview #Tab9 OS Naming Contest! Please contact us to claim the prize.😜😄 Kudos to all participants who put forward those amazing ideas. They are very inspiring and interesting. Many thanks! ❤️❤️ The good news is that we still have 10 other ideas in the box to discuss. That means we may have another winner to announce in the next few days.😍😍 But this is a probability event. That all depends on our judge panel.... The reason why we pick “Serenity” is that we expect Tab9 OS to provide an intuitive, smooth and efficient experience to the users. They are so immersed in all operations and don’t have any disruptions. And Serenity is just in tune with our goal.😊😊 Be sure to keep an eye out for any updates on this Contest. 🤗🤗 Want to be the first one to know the next Contest or Giveaway?🤩🤩 Join Blackview Family welfare sharing group from this link 👉 Notes: Dear winner, please contact us within 7 days via email Otherwise, it’s regarded as an automatic waiver of getting the prize.🤝 展开

Published Date:3/29/2021 1:19:57 PM    From:Facebook   

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