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Dual #Camera - did you know?   

Dual #Camera - did you know?
Dual #Camera - did you know?

👉 one of the characteristics of the most outstanding on cool dual is dual camera cluster, which is the trend in the market.
🌟 Cool Dual Use Sony Sensor Resolution 13 MP, Aperture F / 2.0, the structure includes 1 Sensors Monochrome pictures black and white and color sensor a screenshot Normal, talent to help give you can diversify your style grips as well as the ability to gather this morning in terms of light weak better. Photos for out little no...ise and brightness, obviously.
🌟 out, cool dual and many mode interesting like take first get upward after (Blur background), mode adjust hand pro, slowmotion mode back...
🌟 Front Camera Resolution 8 MP, supports professional selfie with algorithm exclusive beauty filters included lots of interesting color. Support Snap via fingerprint scanner!
🌟 finally, camera capable of recording video 4 K 30 fps; front camera back fullhd 1080 P 30 fps. #CoolDual #Coolpadvietnam #Simplygood — Products shown: Cool 1 Dual. See More

Published Date:5/25/2017 12:21:38 PM    From:Facebook   

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