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25 Best Affordable Other Electric Gadget / Appliances 2020   

25 Best Affordable Other Electric Gadget / Appliances 2020
25 Best Affordable Other Electric Gadget / Appliances 2020
Are you looking for the best cheap Other Electric Gadget / Appliances in 2020? Here’s a list of 25 Best Affordable Other Electric Gadget / Appliances 2020 with excellent quality! Let’s check them out!

25 Best Other Electric Gadget / Appliances 2020

Anself LED Digital Alarm Clock Repeating Snooze Light-activated Sensor Backlight Time Date Temperature Display White

This LED digital clock with alarm time & date display. Assorted trend colors with warm white LED backlight. Move the button in the back to set the set time, date, alarm, and snooze intervals. Sensor automatically comes on when it's dark around, because it's light-activated. It's soft, making you sleep easily or see time from a distance hands free. It can also be closed. If bright light needed, please touch the top to use nightlight, which lasts 5 seconds.

Large LCD displays time (12/24), calendar (MM/DD), temperature (℃), alarm status (ON/OFF).
Snooze function, snooze interval adjustable.
If bright light needed, please touch the top to use nightlight, which lasts 5 seconds.
Smart light auto sensor automatically illuminates display in a dark environment.
The normal measuring range of temperature is -10℃ to 50℃(14℉ to 122℉).
Power Supply: 3 * AAA batteries (Not included).

Music Starry Sky Projection Clock

Music Starry Star Sky Projection Alarm Clock Calendar Thermometer

Display Time, Week, Date, Month, Year and Temperature
Thermometer: shift between Centigrade temperature and Fahrenheit temperature (0°C-50°C, 32°F-122°F).
Display minute & hour in 12-hour or 24-hour format
Chord music/natural sounds alarm.
Function of snooze.
Function of countdown (timing from 00: 00: 00-23: 59: 59 hours).
Four natural sound songs and six chord songs for you to choose.
Function of timed music appreciation.
Music appreciation mode.
Dynamic projection of colored starry sky accompanied with music rhythms.
Backlight function.

dodocool Self-powered Battery-free Wireless Doorbell Kit with 1 Battery-free Transmitter Push Button and 2 Plug-in Receivers

dodocool Self-powered Wireless Doorbell Kit includes one self-powered transmitter and two plug-in receivers with LED lights. It offers a 262ft wireless operating range and has the flexibility to be mounted or placed anywhere around your home. The self-powered transmitter is rated IPX7 and requires no batteries. Receivers feature 38 optional doorbell chime tunes, 4 adjustable volume levels and CD quality sound. It can be conveniently used in homes, offices, factories and more.


Flexible Design

One self-powered transmitter and two plug-in receivers allow more flexibility in installing locations. Get instant alerts via audible melodies and flashing LED light from both receivers at a single press of the transmitter button.

Self-Powered Transmitter
Adopt advanced technology to convert kinetic energy into electricity and transmit wireless signals to the receiver. No battery is required. No hassle in buying or changing batteries.

Reliable & Durable
The durable push button can be used around 200,000 times. With an impressive IPX7 rating, the transmitter can withstand harsh and wet weather conditions.

Wireless Transmission
Support a wide wireless operating range of up to 262ft in open areas. Enjoy a wireless transmitting range of up to 786ft with the help of the relay function of receivers*. Never miss a visitor again. 

Customize Your Doorbell
Receivers offer 38 optional chimes and 4 adjustable volume levels (up to 105 dB) to suit your needs. And each receiver can be configured with different chimes and volume levels.

Flashing LED indicators on both the transmitter and the receiver provide a visible indicator in a noisy environment or for the hard-of-hearing.

Easy and Safe
The absence of wires makes the setup simple and hassle-free, safe and reliable. No pairing required. Ready to go out of box. 

Triggering the signal transmission only requires a very tiny pressure of 350g. It can be conveniently used by patients, the elderly or children to page or contact their loved ones and care takers.

You can expand each receiver with multiple push buttons or multiple receivers for one push button. 

Portable Travel Home Universal 3-Port USB Wall Charger

3 USB ports QC3.0 quick charger adapter with fast charging speed and high efficiency. It allows charging 3 mobile devices simultaneously through just one wall socket, very practical and convenient. Lightweight and portable, easy to carry. Suitable for home, office and travel use.

Standard USB wall charger can be applied for charging smartphones, tablets and other USB-enable devices,
Made of premium ABS fireproof material, sturdy enough and good for long time using.
Equipped with 3 USB ports, allowing charging 3 mobile devices simultaneously, very practical and convenient.
QC 3.0 quick charge, offering more higher charging efficiency.
Safe charging, it can ensure your device's safety during charging process.
Lightweight and portable, easy to carry.
Suitable for home, office and travel use.

Digital LED Mirror Clock USB & Battery Operated Alarm Clock

This is a great digital clock with mirror function. It can display time in 12H/24H hour format and indoor temperature in °C/°F. The LED luminance is adjusted: dim and bright.  

Large LED display for clear reading, time & temperature switch display.
°C / °F mode & 12-hour / 24-hour mode switchable.
Mirror face design, can be used as a small mirror.
Indoor thermometer function, temperature range: 0°C~50°C(32°F~122°F).
Night mode function: the LED display will automatically dim the luminance during the night time.
With alarm and snooze function.
Press "UP" key to adjust the LED brightness(2 levels).
2 Power Supply: powered by USB cable(included) or 3 * AAA batteries(not included).

1pc Cable Bites Cables Protector for Smartphone

These cute cable protectors are real practical. 90 degree angled connector, easy for plug, even in hard to reach areas and narrow spaces. These cable bites are excellent in preventing the outer part of lightening cable from breaking, which may usually happen while disconnecting the cable.

90 degree angled connector, easy for plug.
Can be used even in hard to reach areas and narrow spaces.
Made of premium quality ABS plastic in different color, safe and easy to use.
Various design cute animal, decent decoration for living room besides primary use.
Mini enough for you to take anywhere.
Prevents cable from disconnecting and damage.
Suitable for lightening cable or cables with similar designs.

Digital Wall Projection Weather LCD Screen Snooze Alarm Dual Laser Rotatable Clock

Get all the information you need to get through your day the second you wake up! This clock has a full color screen that displays time, temp, humidity and projects the time onto any wall or ceiling. It also has an alarm function so you never miss a beat. 

LCD screen displays the accurate time, temperature, humidity, and weather.
With colorful LED backlit, makes the screen more beautiful.
Can projects the time onto any wall or ceiling.
Projecting angle is 180 degree adjustable.
Alarm clock supports snooze mode.
Two time modes available: 12 hours & 24 hours
Digital thermometer shows as Centigrade or Fahrenheit.
With Max/Min temperature and humidity records.

Wake Up Light Alarm Clock Sunrise/Sunset Simulation Digital Clock

Having a trouble waking up? Need an alarm clock to solve the issue of over sleeping and not being late for work? This sunrise simulation alarm clock helps you wake up gently with natural light and natural sounds and give you a relaxed mood in the morning. It can be also used as a bedside lamp, an atmosphere lamp, an alarm clock and a FM radio.

Simulated Sunrise Alarm Clock: Wake up gently with natural light and natural sounds and give you a relaxed mood in the morning. 
Sunset Simulation Sleep Light: The brightness of the light will be gradually dimmed, finally turn off the light in sleep time.
6 Natural Sounds & FM Radio: Includes 6 kinds of natural sounds such as birds, ocean waves and so on, the 7th sound is FM radio.
Multiple Light Modes: 6 colors(green, red, blue, purple, orange, indigo) & 10 levels of warm white light are optional.
Snooze Function: Wake up sound will play again after 5 minutes, giving you an extra 5 minutes of sleep.
Sensitive Touch Keys: It is very easy to set time, alarm, light, FM radio and other functions.

Universal 3 Ports USB Wall Charger

Universal 3 Ports USB Wall Charger, 100% Brand New and Good Quality. It allows charging 3 mobile devices simultaneously through just one wall socket, very practical and convenient. Lightweight and portable, easy to carry. Suitable for home, office and travel use.

Standard USB wall charger, which can be applied for charging smartphones, tablets, cameras, MP3 players, etc.
Equipped with 3 USB ports, allowing charging 3 mobile devices simultaneously, very practical and convenient.
Provides standard USB 5V at up to 3.1A(max).
With LED indicator light, easy to use.
Safe charging, high efficiency and low energy consumption.
Lightweight and portable, easy to carry.
Suitable for home, office and travel use.

2Pack Smart Wi-Fi Mini Outlet Plug Switch Works With Echo Alexa Remote Control US Plug

Wifi smart socket is to use the wireless network in the existing family, let your smartphone or tablet under the condition of network to control the ON/OFF status of appliances. Easy installation, easy handling and can be activated immediately and stable.  
Can set schedules to automatically power on or off your home electronics.
With timer function, never worry about being overcharged, keep you devices safe.
Remote control through internet at anytime and anywhere.
Easy installation, easy handling and can be activated immediately and stable.
Compatible smart phone including Android and ISO.
Small size, does not take up space.

Multifunctional Large LED Digital Wall Clock 12H/24H Time Display With Alarm and Snooze Function Adjustable Luminance

This digital clock is a greatly designed LED clock that you can attach to your wall or place on your desk. No longer will it take you minutes to tell the time on those hand clocks, just look at the numbers and you can tell the time instantly. 

Large LED digital display, easy to read from long-distance.
Contemporary design, fits well for places like sitting room, kitchen room and office.
Desk or wall mounting, convenient for use.
With alarm & snooze function. 
Night mode setting(default 18:00-06:00), the LED auto lower the luminance during night time.
Three luminance level setting: high, medium, low.
12H/24H hour format for selection.
Three function buttons(MODE, UP, DOWN), easy to operate.

6Pcs 7CM Wool Balls Clothes Dryer Laundry Eco Friendly Softener Dehumidification Decrease Drying Time Washing Reusable Static Free

Do you have trouble with drying wet cloth especially when it is raining day? Or do you upset by your fizzy hair especially when it is winter? If so, we have this felt ball made of wool. It is a smart sheep wool dryer, which can shorten your drying time with the maximum drying efficiency. Also, it will make your hair soft and help dry and rough curls. Buy one and you will like it.
Made of wool, high-quality and durable.
Smart sheep wool felt ball can shorten your drying time with the maximum drying efficiency.
Practical, eco-friendly and chemical-free wool balls are a delight to own and use.
Reusable and sustainable household.
Electrostatic eliminating, helping bed sheets stay untangled during the drying process as well as keep pet hair off clothes.
Perfect for cloth drying.
Good felt ball for water absorption and damp proof.
Hard to unravel and last for years.
A gorgeous gift for new moms, helping them save time and money. 

220 V Phone SMS RC Remote Wireless Control Smart Switch GSM Socket Power Plug Interruptor for Home Household Appliance

This smart GSM power socket is a remote controlled socket consisting of a GSM module. It is an intelligent power supply socket controlled by user's mobile phone. It can also be locally controlled by pressing button. With it, you don't have to worry about pets when you are on a trip or worry about the open windows in rainy days. With it, you can control the household electrical equipments at anytime and any where. You can turn on the cooker and the dinner might be ready when you back home. The GSM power socket is certainly a good life helper and a good gift for your friends.

Remotely operate by SMS command or operate by local controlled by pressing button.
Suitable for white collar and business people, turn on / off cooker on the way home, time-save.
Control household electric appliances, pet feeding on trip or windows close at out.
Power-cut memory function and convenient SMS power state checking, safe for emergency, easy for use.

Dual USB Charger Outlet Panel Receptacles 15A Electric Wall Charger Power Plate Dock Station High Quality Socket

This USB charging hub is compatible with USB 1.1 / 2.0 / 3.0 devices including iPhones and iPads, Android phones and tablets, Windows phone by HTC, Kindle E-readers, all other USB compatible products. The USB charger receptacle can be easily installed in the wall of your bedroom, living room, kitchen, or any other room you may want to make power charging fast, easy and convenient. Try out a special project and come up with creative ways to charge your devices while minimizing cluster and adding more functionality to your house! Your iPad, iPhone, tablets, cell phones and other devices now have a better power center, and your room will always look tidy and neat.

Dual USB charging interface, allowing two devices to be charged at the same time.
Using high-quality PC material, providing high heat resistance, shock resistance and flame resistance.
Powering mobile phones, digital products or other electrical equipments.
USB are suitable for blueberries, iPad, iPods, iPhones, PDAs, MP3 players, game consoles, Digital cameras and more.
Ideal for use in residential, commercial and health care applications, such as home, offices, hotels, airports, lounges and coffee shops.

Compact Digital Alarm Clock FM Radio with Dual Alarm Buzzer Snooze Sleep Function Red LED Time Display

This alarm clock features compact design, large LED display the time and many functions. It's not only a great clock with alarm and snooze functions, but also a FM radio that you can listen to it and you can press SLEEP button to select 90-80-70-60-50-40-30-20-10 minutes of listening to the last situation radio station. Start a wonderful day with the this wonderful radio alarm clock! 

Compact design, combination of alarm clock and FM radio. 
When the unit is ON, press the ON/OFF button repeatedly to turn on radio or clock mode.
Dual alarm clock radio with snooze function, radio alarm with adjustable volume and stays at the setting you like.
10 FM radio stations preset and storage, FM 87.5-108MHz.
Settable sleep function: fall asleep with the radio and the unit will automatically turn off after the specified time.
Red LED digital display without blink makes time easy to view in full view and is gentle on eyes at night.
Independent buttons for easy operation, convenient for use.
AC powered for functions of radio, alarm and time display, 2*AAA batteries(not included) are required to ensure memorization of all settings.
Start and enjoy a wonderful day with the radio alarm clock.

Pen Pencil Holder Digital LCD Desk Alarm Clock

Multifunctional stylish desktop mesh pen holder and digital alarm clock.
Clock, calendar, timer, alarm clock, thermometer, automatic drawers and pen holder.
Also with 2 small pup-out drawers, providing more space to store smaller items.
Used for pens, pencils, tape, highlighters, clips putting, keeps your desk tidy.
Designed with big LCD display, so the time, date, temperature can be easily read.

LCD Clock Thermometer Indoor Clock

This LCD clock can be set to an alarm clock and supports temperature display. It can be switched between Celsius and Fahrenheit. Easy to use with emoticons and voice control features.

12/24 hour format optional.
Alarm clock and snooze mode.
Display instructions with expression: when the humidity is less than 40%, it shows a dry, unhappy expression. When the temperature is between 20 and 25 degrees Celsius, and the humidity is between 40 and 69 percent, the smiling face will be displayed. When humidity is greater than or equal to 70%, no matter what the temperature is, it is a sad expression. When the temperature is not between 20 and 25 degrees Celsius and the humidity is between 40 and 60 percent, no expression is shown.
The thermometer can switch between Celsius and Fahrenheit.
Voice-activated backlight function: press the LIGHT button to turn on or off the backlight. You can also turn on the backlight by clapping your hands within 1 meter, or tap the table to turn on the backlight.

3D Wireless Remote Digital RGB LED Alarm Clock

This 3D LED alarm clock, which has 115 kinds of changing RGB colors and adjustable 3-level brightness, always provides appropriate brightness for clear and comfortable view! It has alarm and sound control function, besides, it comes with a remote control to do all settings easily!

RGB LED Display: built-in 115 kinds of RGB colors, big font and bright color provide clear and comfortable view.
3 Color Display Modes: single color / 7-color cycle / 115-color cycle.
2 Display Modes: display time only or display time(12H/24H), date and temperature(°C/°F) in cycle.
3 Levels of Luminance: 3 levels of display brightness can be manually adjusted according to the environment.
3 Sets of Daily Alarms: 3 sets of alarms for your setting. When the time is up, it will alarm for 1 minute.
Weekend Alarm Function: the alarm function can be turned ON/OFF on Saturday and Sunday.
Remote Control: with an infrared remote control to operate the alarm clock more conveniently. 3~5m wireless distance.
Sound Control: under this mode, the ambient sound over 60db will activate the LED display, and the display will automatically turn off after 16 seconds.
Power Supply: powered by DC 5V, when this external power supply is cut off, the built-in button battery will automatically work to keep the settings(LED does not display).
Easy Installation: the alarm clock is with a stand and has a hanging hole on rear, can be placed on desk directly or hung up on wall.

1-10 Hours Indoor Countdown Timer Socket Set Switch

Here is a countdown timer socket for conveniently electric appliance use and off, reducing power loss of overcharging and long-term startup. Timing of 1h, 2h, 4h, 6h, 8h, 10h to choose from according to your needs.

No timer set up when plug to the wall socket, all LED off.
6 different count down timer can be set up.
Automatically switching off your devices according to your programmed schedule, manually switch them off.
Compatible with CFL, LED and incandescent lights and bulbs.
Saves energy, safety.
Suitable for use with slow cookers, coffee makers, indoor lights, festive lights and fans, among others, the plugin countdown timer can automate a wide range of electrical devices.

Night Light and Wireless Charger

This wireless charger is compatible with all QI standard phones. It can charge samsung's mobile phone with quick charge of 10W, i-phone 7.5w and ordinary mobile phone with 5W. This product is provided with the function of vibrating nightlight, and there is a three-speed adjustable switch (middle OFF, left ON, right AUTO) below the product, which can flexibly control the nightlight. The specific operation is as follows: (1: when the switch is OFF, the night light will not be on, but when the phone is put on charging, the blue light will be displayed and the green light will be displayed when the phone is fully charged. The full display green only works if the phone itself supports the full turn signal) (2: when the switch is ON, the night light is in a long bright state, which can be used as a night light.) (3: when the switch is adjusted in AUTO, the warm light is on with one beat,< the best gap is 2 seconds later > second beat, the warm light and white light will be on together, and the light will be off with three beats. If there is no operation to turn off the light with additional light and three beat, the night light will be automatically put out after a few minutes < about 150 seconds >. This product is a smart night light, which is quite practical. 

High-quality chip, special capacitance for wireless charger, low temperature, high conversion rate, stable quality.
The front of the product uses acrylic 3D tempered mirror decoration, not easy to break.
In the center of the front end of the product, there is a 50mm anti-skid silica gel sheet, which is 0.3mm higher than the acrylic surface, and plays a role of anti-skid very well.
There are 4 anti-skid silica gel chips at the bottom, and the wireless charger is not easy to slide off the table.
The lighting area of this product USES the most advanced environmental protection astigmatism fire nonbreakable material, which guarantees the class of the appearance of the bottom shell.
It can be used as optical night light.

Cute Animal Cable Bite USB Charging Protector Cover

Cute animal bite cable protectors can prevent your cable from fraying, bending, breaking or disconnecting, can decorate multiple cables and help you identify and differentiate them easily, can be adorable gifts to kids.

Made of good quality plastic, portable and reliable, safe and easy to use.
Cute animal design cable bites, also lovely decorative for room.
Prevent your cable from fraying, bending, breaking or disconnecting.
Decorate multiple cables and help you identify and differentiate them easily.
Compatible-Fit for all kinds of original charging cord.
Super cute accessory to protect your mobile phone cable from breakage.

High Accuracy Power Energy Meter Socket LCD Display KWH Meter Watt Voltage Current Frequency Cost Monitor Overload Alarm AC230V EU Plug

This power meter is a monitoring and testing instrument which displays the power consumption of a connected appliance and the cost of the electricity consumed. Values can be display as Voltage, Current, Power Input, Frequency, Power Factor, etc. You can also enter your electricity tariff and view actual costs. Additionally, the measuring device shows the total consumption of the past 7 days/7 months as well as the operation time. Display the equivalent CO2 emission in kg and also provide you with additional ecological information. It would become your best assistance to save energy and cost in daily life!

Basic functions: clock/voltage/current/power factor/operate time/power consumption display, price setting, etc.
Plug and play type, no need any installation, easy for operation.
Large LCD display with green backlight, easy to read in the dark.
Overload alarm function: buzzer sounds when the appliance exceeds the setting alarm value.
Power consumption history: record the energy consumption of a connected device for 7days/7months.
4 kinds of currency switchable: $, €,£ and paper money.
2 tariff settings: electricity price per kwh and price for night-time current.
Greenhouse gas emission(GHG): display the equivalent CO2 emission in kg.
High accuracy measurement for ±1%.
Resetting for abnormal display.

6pcs Sand Timer Colorful Sandglass Hourglass Timer for Kitchen Office Game Timer 30sec / 1min / 2mins / 3mins / 5mins / 10mins

The item is a set of 6pcs hourglass sand timers in different colors(30sec / 1min / 2mins / 3mins / 5mins / 10mins). They are perfect for timing cooking, games, exercising and so on and also a wonderful decoration for your home and office. 

Include 6pcs sand timer clock in one set with different colors.
Counting time: 30 seconds, 1 minute, 2 minutes, 3 minutes, 5 minutes, 10 minutes. 
Great for timing cooking, playing games, exercising and so on. 
Also used as a wonderful decoration for your home and office. 

Wifi Power Socket Smart Phone Wireless APP Remote Control Timer Switch Wall Plug Home Appliance Automation AC100-240V

Turn your home electrical appliances on/off from mobile phone anywhere with connected Internet.
The WiFi socket uses your existing home Wi-Fi network to provide wireless control of TVs, lamps, stereos, and more. 
Simply download the free app, plug the switch into an outlet in your home, and plug any device into the switch. 
Support iOS and Android mobile devices(App should be installed).
Smart link technology, auto search router WiFi network.
The switch also operates over mobile Internet(3G).
Power indicator helps tracking energy consuming.
Easy installation, easy handing and can be activated immediately and stably.

App can be downloaded from Apple store or Google play.

48W 4-Ports USB Wall Charging Device

This product can identify the connected devices intelligently and provide optimized charging compatibility. It's suitable with electronic devices and models, from mobile phone, BT speaker headsets, Mp3 Players to iPads and power devices.

4-ports design supports charging four devices at a time.
Comes with built-in device detection to ensure the fastest possible charging for the specific plugged-in device. 
Lightweight and compact for convenient portability.
Comes with multiple safety protections, from premium-grade components to strict testing and automatic shutoff function in case a short-circuit happens at the output. 

Socket Wireless Home Plug Socket with Night Light Adaptor Plug with USB Interface

High precision phosphor copper conduct material.
Dual USB interface.
Night light function, light sensor controlled.
Simply design with sleeking appearance.
For charging 3 devices at the same time.

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