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25 Best Affordable Nail Art Nursing Machine 2020   

25 Best Affordable Nail Art Nursing Machine 2020
25 Best Affordable Nail Art Nursing Machine 2020

25 Best Nail Art Nursing Machine 2020

New Pro Tattoo Machine Gun Shader Liner 10 Wrap Coils Free Spring Multicolour

Exquisite design and excellent quality.
Made of high-end low-carbon steel casting material, both shader and liner are available, special and fashionable.
The spring is high-elastic and anti-fatigue for long-time working.
Pure iron armature bar has excellent magnetic conductivity. 
With stable performance and rapid thermal diffusion, it can work for 8 hours at a stretch without heat.
High-quality 2pcs 10 warps coils are specially designed for tattoo machine.
Perfect for any tattoo artist who is looking for a good quality tattoo machine.

Nail Art Tools Sterilizer Design High Temperature Disinfect Machine Tattoo Metal Nipper Tweezer Tools Clean Sterilizer Pot Tool

The sterilize box is the base equipment for personal use and professional shop.

Best for metal tools

Best for metal tools. such as nail nippers, tweezers, eyebrow scissors and tatoo needles.
High temperature 250℃
High temperature disinfect manicure tools, use more safe and healthy.
Only glass ball can be allowed to put into the inner pot of the machine.
Convenience to use
Convenience, no pollution, save electricity and long term usage.
Suitable for professional or personal use.

MAJOR DIJIT Poly Gel Nail Kit Dual-Ended Poly Gel Brush & Picker Nail Tips Clip 5 Colors Nail Enhancement Gel with Manicure Tools

This kit includes 5 Poly Nail Gel(5ml), Base and Top Coat, 100*Nail Tips, 1*Nail File, 1*Clip, 1*Dual Brush. It can meet your basic need of nail art design, don't hesitate, buy it now!

The poly nail gel can last up to held a month with appropriate operation. Thicker layer of poly nail gel will keep longer.
The extension poly nail gel is made of safe and harmless polymer. It is environmentally friendly and non-toxic. It can be formed quickly.
This set is suitable for professional nail experts or nail learners. You can also DIY some patterns on your nail freely at home.
Nail tips clip is suitable for using with poly gel and acrylic applications. Helps to hold the tips when you are curing poly gel nails.
The dual end brush is used together with Poly Gel / UV gel to make gel nail tips or gel nail extension. Flat tip is for picking gel up & Brush tip is for shaping nail tips.

35000r Electric Nail Polisher Kits Nails Salon Tools

Equipped with fast loading mechanism, our products are designed for fine quality nail polish work, it can be used for all kinds of nail art polishing. It's professional and portable. 

0-35000r adjustable, you can choose the speed you want for different usage.
The handle equipped with a unique heat sink and will not cause overheating even used for a long time.
The FWD / REV switch can control positive and negative direction.
Open the Hand switch,  it will rotate itself,  just turn on / off the switch.
Open the Foot switch, connect with the pedal, you need to step the foot pedal, and then it will start working.
Stable performance, reliable quality and can adapt to different working environment.
Elegant and exquisite appearance design, streamlined design fully reflects the concept of ergonomics.
Adapt unique double shock absorption structure with low vibrating speeds and low noise.
It's designed for the polishing of nail, teeth, moulds, jades, jewellery and other precise polishing.
Different grinding and buffing ways are designed for getting different polishing effects and there are some sandpapering for you to choose.
Potable polisher: Equipped with fast bistrique-loading mechanism, good locking effective, high speed.
Low variations, and safety with low voltage machine, vibration for smooth and longtime operation.
Power box: Stable power delivery, overloaded protection, effective converter, foot push,  non-polarized speed adjustment.
High speed, fast polishing and quipped with rotate lock.
Twist handpiece for security the bit firmly.
Warning: Please keep the equipment dry.

Ladies Art Flower Nail Printer Tool Set

Cute and lovely design.
Easy operation, no batteries, no wires.
Come with 6 metal pattern plates.
Accurate positioning control.
With a sucker on the bottom, the machine can be fixed firmly onto your desk/table.
Stamp what you like within a minute.
Enjoy your DIY and beautiful nails.

Nail Clipper Set Professional 15 Pcs Manicure Pedicure Set

The premium 15-piece nail clippers kit includes many different types of grooming tools, so that you can take care of your nails, unclog your pores, cleanse your ears and shape your eyebrows all at once.
With a storage box, easier to organize and carry for outside use.
Made of heavy duty stainless steel, ultra-sharp blades and ergonomic designs, won't get rusty or break.
15 different tools can meet your various demands.
Perfect for both professional salon and home use, great gift for both men and women of any age.

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