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25 Best Affordable Nail Art Kits 2020   

25 Best Affordable Nail Art Kits 2020
25 Best Affordable Nail Art Kits 2020
Are you looking for the best cheap Nail Art Kits in 2020? Here’s a list of 25 Best Affordable Nail Art Kits 2020 with excellent quality! Let’s check them out!

25 Best Nail Art Kits 2020

Nail Art Acrylic Liquid Powder Dappen Dish Glass Crystal Cup Glassware Tool

High quality.
This dappen dish is cute and handy.
This dappen dish can be used for mixing all acrylic liquid and powder.
Suitable for professional, nail salon, nail art school / college, nail art artist and personal / home use.

8Pcs Flavors Cuticle Revitalize Oil Pen Mix Taste Nail Art Treatment Kit Set

Eight different flavors of Nail Revitalize Cuticle Oil Pens Kit.
You will achieve longer, and beautiful natural nails. 
Professional Nail Art and nail care treatment Tools. 
Suitable for nail salon, nail art school / college, personal use, etc.

50pcs Professional Acrylic Nail Art Display Tips Practice Polish UV Gel Color Ring Board DIY Tool Set

Perfect for student or professional to display their work neatly. You can also put it on the neck of the Nail Polish Bottle for a clear color reference.

Help you know the color of nail polish clearly.
One set includes about 50pcs (maybe less or more tha 50) ring style nail tips display.
Perfect for student or professional to display their work neatly. 
You can also put it on the neck of the Nail Polish Bottle for a clear color reference.
Also suitable for storage nail polish, you can find your nail polish easily without annoyance of tring color.

One set includes about 50pcs, maybe have some error.

500Pcs Nail Art Acrylic Tip Guide Gel Extension Nail Polish Styling Tools Curl Forms for Nails Care

1 Roll of 500pcs self-adhesive nail form stickers.
Suitable for acrylic nails extension / UV gel nail extension.
Tape has a self adhesive backing and will stick to a dried polished nail.
With number marks to help you get the desired length & shape.
For professional studio use or home use.

Rotary Style Tips Nail Polish Color Card Template Display Tool

You can coat 120 different colors nail polish.
It can used as practice fan board for freshman.
Suitable for professional use or practice at home.
Ideal for practice, demo and windows display.
With mounting screw, no worry for dropping out.
Small and exquisite, it is easy and convenient to use.
Perfect choice for your nail art.

Sanding Bands For Nail Manicure Pedicure Drill File Machine Grit

150 pieces of Nail Art Drill Sanding Bands with degree 80", 120", 180".
Medium Coarse design.
Suitable for most types of Nail Art Drill Machine.
Great for use nail drills and other drills using sanding bands.
Can be used for natural nails as well as artificial nails.
For professional studio use or home use.

8PCS Peach Heart Soft Finger Toe Separators Nail Art Tool Pink

Premium Toe Separators are ultra soft, comfortable and durable.
Makes pedicures easy and professional.
Manicure pedicure toe separator soft EVA material.
Ideal tools for separating fingers or toes while performing any nail art.
Professional or home usage.

BQAN Fashion Nail Art Pen Acrylic Handle Rhinestone Diamond Nail UV Gel Salon Flat Brush

It is made of high quality  material, durable enough for your daily using and ideal for Gel Nail.

It is made of high quality  material, durable enough for your daily using.
Ideal for Gel Nail.
Easy to handle and operate.
With CZ Diamond, very beautiful.
Suitable for professional use or home use.
A perfect tool for love makeup lady.

2 x 5 Clear Plastic Nail Art Tip Cell Empty Storage Box Case Tool

High quality, empty storage case box for nail art.
There are 10 separate rooms for storage.
Package perfect for storing false nail tips, glitters, rhinestones, shiny sheets or other products.
Perfect for both professional use or personal use.

100pcs Nail Art Design Orange Wood Stick Cuticle Pusher Remover Manicure Care Professional Manicure Tools Accessories

Spade Shape at one end and Sharp Tip and the other.
Two different ends every sticks, shade shape and Sharp Tip.
Can used for paint the tiny patterns on the false nail tips or natural nail with the sharp tip.
Can used for clean the nail bed with both sides / can used for manicure and pedicure.

100Pcs Nail Art Tool Dead Skin Cuticle Remover Double Edge Blades

The blades are lightweight and easy to use. They are platinum coated to prevent rust. Good choice both for professional service and home use.

Designed for dead skin cuticle remover.
Lightweight, easy to carry and use.
The double edge blades are platinum coated to prevent rust for optimum performance and quality.
The blade will work easily and gently with a proper matching tool. 

Keep out of reach of children.

Nail Art Tool Crystal Glass Dappen Dish Cup Nail Art Acrylic Liquid Powder

This dappen dish is cute and handy.
This dappen dish can be used for mixing all acrylic liquid and powder.
Design with cover, beautiful and hygeian.
Suitable for professional, nail salon, nail art school / college, nail art artist and personal / home use.

5PCS Cuticle & Nail Oil Pen Set Mixed Flavors Cuticle Repairing Oil Pen Nail Art Treatment Tools

Applicable to nails repairing, getting rid of hangnails and decreasing skin wrinkling.
Developed with natural ingredients, non-toxic and safe to human body.
Suitable for nail salon, nail art school / college, personal use, etc.
5 Different flavors & colors of nail cuticle oil pens are included.
Help you achieve longer and beautiful natural nails.

How to Use:  
Brush on your cuticle slightly and massage it gently for 3-4 times a week.

Professional 216/120 Colors White Nail Gel Polish Display Chart with Tips Nail Polish Color Card Chart Nail Art Salon Set

The professional nail salon tools, 216/120 colors nail polish color card, for client to choose their favorite color.

For UV Gel color display, can display 216/120 different colors.
Create your own color display chart,  easy to find the wanted bottle by color unmbers.
Easy to show up your nail polish. Easy carry, take it like a book.
Suitable for Nail Art Salon / Manicure / Pedicure, also can be used for practicing nail art painting.
Your client may be perfectly satisfied by this nail art color display chart.

5Pcs French Manicure Nail Art Tips Creative Nail Tape Stickers Masking tape Do pattern Nail Tools

This set included 5 Nail Art tapes.
The width is 0.5cm.
Strong viscosity.
It is very easy to use.
Great for both professional and home use.

Adjustable Nail Art Model Hand False Nails Matched Practice Hand Clamp DIY Holder 100 Refill Nail Tips

This model hand is made of sturdy, flexible ABS, and its size is the simulation of human hand.
High quality flexible model hand for nail art practice.
Can be used for acrylic, gel and wrap practice, and for nail art designing.
Easy to adjust the fingers' shape to meet your needs.
Re-usable, convenient for nail art practicing.
The hand can be detachable with the fake nails
1 bag (about 100 pcs) professional false nails for FREE.
False nail tips can be inserted into the fingers tightly, then you can design and paint nail art patterns on them.
Perfect for Nail Art Beginners and Salon Artists.

10Pcs White Buffer Block Acrylic Nail Art Care Tips Sanding Files Tool

This package come with 10 pcs of high quality buffer sanding blocks. 
Can be used for finger and toe nails.
Easy and convenient to use.
Suitable for professional or home nail art use.

500Pcs/Pack White False Nail Art Tips C-shape French Nail Tips Acrylic C Curve False Nail Mold Tools 10 Sizes Fake Nails Tips

The 500pcs natural fake nails offers 10 different sizes with 50 nails of each size that fit most fingers. Fitting prefectly on your nail, soft, ultrathin and easy to remove, suitable for French nail, nail extension and UV gel nail.

The nails are made with high quality ABS material, which is sturdy and durable enough to last about 2 weeks.
Healthy and friendly material, no smell and no toxic to your body or your own nails, providing you a safe and comfortable nail doing experience.
These strong calibrated fake nail tips are designed with 3 optional color and medium length and thickness.
Fitting perfectly from sidewall to sidewall, or design your own style and pattern by adding nail art decorations.
Just use a brush-on nail glue so your nail is fully coated, this makes the tips stay on longer.

Nail Art Steam Autoclave Scissor Manicure Sterilizer Machine with 150g Disinfection Glass Bead 220V EU Plug

Great for metal tools, such as metal nail care tools, salon peelers, eyebrow clamp and tattoo needles, hair scissors, dermabrasion pips, etc. High working temperature, use glass quartz beads (included) so as to spread the heat evenly. Low energy consumption, white and black color.

1. Adopt full automatic electric heating temperature control, installed with overheating protection device.
2. Internal insulation of moisturizing device and ultraviolet radiation sterilization function.
3. Simply push the "on" button, and the electric heating system will be automatically heated up.
4. Spraying process, exquisite and aesthetic
5. Pure stainless steel tank, solid and practical
6. Effective disinfection tool
7. 150g disinfection bead is included.

Transformable Pink Sponge Lotus Nail Art Tips Display Stand Holder Operational Table Nail Art Tips Tool

Spongy nail art display or practice set.
Nail art practice and display tool, which can be assembled into different display styles.
A nice display for nail art designs and patterns.

1pc Rhinestone Dotting Pen Nail Dotting Tool Double Different Head Tips Beads Picker Wax Pencil Handle Manicure Tool

A dotting pen will help you do nail art effectively, easy to handle and durable, you should have one.

The wax tip is for picking gems and the stainless steel tip presses them to stay on the nail surface.
Easily picks up rhinestones, beads, gemstones and other 3d decorative staffs in nail activities.
Self-adhesive wax tip makes rhinestones placing on natural nails, false nails, acrylic nails easily.
1cm diameter acrylic handle is high-quality and easy to hold and operate.
Handy tool for fine nail art work to create beautiful nail art design on finger or on toe nails.

Nail Art Dust Remover Brush Cleaner Nail Dust Brushes

Ergonomically designed, easy to use.
Soft nylon brush give you unbelievable enjoyable feeling when touching it with fingernails or for facial care.
Nylon wool is soft and skin-friendly, you can try it on your face and palms. Better effect, clean with scrub cream, etc.
Easily remove dust particles in the process of the nail polish produced on the nail. Can also be used as blush brush.
Essential nail tools in the nail shop.

3Pcs Ingrown Toenail Correction Tool Set Toenail Treatment Pedicure Tool Nail Care Tool

This is a simple but effective ingrown toenails correction tool. It can help you solve ingrown toenails problem and bring healthy and beautiful toenails back to you.
Prevents the nail treated with the toenail correction tool from ingrowing again.
3Pcs ingrown toenail correction tool: nail file, elastic patch, and a nail glue, easy to use.
A tiny band that gets rid of ingrown toenails by correcting excessive nail curvature.
Fast cure, remove ingrown toenail pain in 1-3 days.
Suitable for both professional use and home use.

500Pcs Nail Art UV Gel Tip Extension Guide Tools for Nails Care

Perfect tool for nail art tip extension. With the tool you can get the desired nails shape easily.

1 roll of 500pcs professional nail form stickers, great tip extension guide tools.
Self-adhesive, convenient and easy to use.
With number marks to help you get the desired length & shape.
Suitable for professional use or home use.

BQAN 7mm Nail Art UV Gel Painting Line Brush Nail Art Brush

BQAN polish painting gel nail liner. Can be used to paint flowers. Good gathering, easy to handle and operate. Great for fine nail art work, suitable for professional use and home use.

Nylon Hair, 3 sizes(7mm, 9mm, 11mm) for selection. Can be used to paint flowers.
Non-deformation and non-corroding, durable for longer use.
Good gathering, easy to handle and operate. 
Great for fine nail art work, suitable for professional use and home use.

Pink Nail Art Clipper Professional False Tip Cutting Manicure Tools

Perfect item for girls who are interested in nail art. Lovely color and small size make it suitable for travel use.

Professional false nail cutter, necessary nail art tool.
Made of stainless steel which is sharp and durable.
Lovely color and shape make it an ideal gift for girls.
Small in size, convenient to carry.
Suitable for professional service, home use or travel use.

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